10 Reasons We’re Psyched About The Renewal Of “Scream Queens”

ICYMI, Scream Queens is making a return later this year, with FOX officially green-lighting Season 2. And we couldn’t be more excited.

The hilarious, outstanding writing.

One of Scream Queens Season 1’s best qualities was its hilarious scripts. With witty, eminently quotable, and expertly delivered lines, Scream Queens is arguably Ryan Murphy’s funniest show to date.

The Chanels.

Each numbered after their glorious leader Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), the Chanels (Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, Ariana Grande, and Lea Michele) are the sharp-tongued secret weapons of the show. A group of extremely talented actresses with incredible comic timing, who each make their Chanel their own? Just amazing.

Billie Lourd

TBH Scream Queens had no weak link in its cast, but one actor ~truly~ stood out. Billie Lourd (daughter of Carrie Fisher!) starred as Chanel No. 3, and utterly stole the show. Delivering each zinger with the same dry, deadpan expression, she made Chanel No. 3 the most memorable — and perhaps best — Chanel of them all.

The mystery.


The Red Devil mystery was initially the biggest draw in the show. Everyone loves a good whodunit, and Scream Queens certainly set the wheels in motion for an engrossing season-long mystery. The tension was built up through the entire first season, and it seems like Season 2 will almost certainly do the same.

The cinematography.


Scream Queens was superbly directed in its first season by a handful of talented directors (including Heathers’s Michael Lehmann). The cinematography was noticeable but never intrusive, eye-catching, and vivid. There are so many iconic shots to remember.

The costumes.


Scream Queens’s second season is set in a hospital, and while that may not scream “glitz,” this is still Scream Queens — they’ll find some way of dressing everyone up glamorously. Season 1 was packed with visually stunning outfits in rich pastel colours, all courtesy of Chanel’s decidedly chic wardrobe. If Season 2 can match the rate of costume changes in Season 1, it’ll surely be doing something right.

The cast.


In its first season, Scream Queens managed to feature both Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas in brief but important roles. Then there’s Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Nasim Pedrad, Lea Michele, and Emma Roberts. This show had one of the best casts of 2015, and now that we’ve got a second season on the way, more big names and talented stars are bound to be on-board.

The horror.


Being a horror-comedy, Scream Queens was certainly not light on gory kills. The ways each unsuspecting character was offed got progressively grislier as the season went on. It’s impossible to imagine a second season toning down the gore, so another bloodbath in Season 2 is almost definitely to be expected.

The Radwells.


The Radwell family only made a single appearance in Season 1, but they left a lasting impression. Imperious, haughty, and cruel, Chad’s parents (and his equally horrid brothers) were completely watchable in “Thanksgiving,” with the Radwell matriarch proving to be an opponent worthy of Chanel herself. If Chad doesn’t return, it’ll be a real shame, particularly as the show would lose out on the chance for the Radwells to make a reappearance.

And the possibility of answers.


Scream Queens was ~so~ consistently good throughout its first season, but its finale left some unresolved storylines and A LOT of questions dangling. What became of the Chanels? Chad? Denise? Even “dumb ass Grace and stupid Zayday”? What was Wes’s response to Dean Munsch’s ultimatum? Was the Season 1 cliffhanger a dream, or was it real? And there’s still plenty of questions regarding the Red Devil mystery…

Fingers firmly crossed Scream Queens ties up a few loose ends when it makes its return this fall.

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