7 Little Things All People Obsessed With Makeup Are Guilty Of

1Lining up all your lipsticks by color, just to see ‘em looking all pretty ‘n shit.

*Breathes heavily.*

2Organizing and reorganizing your entire makeup collection because it’s actually FUN for you.

Everything is so neat and pretty and MINE.

3Wanting to be friends with someone based on their eyeliner skills alone.

This is obviously someone I need to know.

4Shedding real tears whenever a beloved product gets discontinued.

Bring back that eye shadow primer, Ulta. You know the one.

5“Trying out” a new makeup look at home before showing it off in public.

There’s a good chance this metallic light blue lipstick isn’t going to work, after all.

6Having to shut someone down for bringing up the old “makeup is for insecure people” argument.

“Let’s talk about literally anything else, like how perfect my highlight looks right now.”

7Seriously considering stabbing anyone who says “but you look prettier without makeup!” with a mascara wand.

Opinions are like eyebrows: Everyone has them, but some are terrible.

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