WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Site Builder

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Obtain Amazon API Access Key & Secret




Obtaining Amazon Associate ID

Configuring Affiliate Plugin

* Note: You must register you associate id from the amazon site you want to import item from. Our plugin supports multi site associate id at the same time. You must register you associate id from respective amazon site and put the id into the plugin. For example: If you import item from amazon.co.jp you must register your associate id from affiliate.amazon.co.jp and put here the associate id you get from affiliate.amazon.co.jp

Refreshing Amazon Categories

Using this option you can refresh Amazon category lists. You do not have to use this function until Amazon adds or removes any category index from their sites across different locale. When executed this function, it will scrape all available category indexes from amazon sites.

Why spintax?

Spintax is needed to spin title and description of items fetched from Amazon. This can be very important for seo because search engines always love unique contents. If your item title and description is a duplicate of Amazon then your item page is less likely to have a good seo score in search engines. You can utilize spintax feature for this.

How to use spintax?

In this plugin, you will have to build your spintax database based on your niche and site category. The spintax database is initially empty. Insert your entries to get started. There are two options to import spintax database -

Manually creating a spintax entry

Use the form Spintax Database to manually creating entry for a phrase. Check the image below for better understanding on what it does-

Importing CSV with thesaurus

You can also import csv with thesaurus. CSV file must follow a certain format otherwise our script will not be able to detect it correctly. First column in the CSV must be the phrase to lookup. And other columns will contain similar phrases. Sample CSV file will look like this-

cool item,awesome item,good item,lovely item,fantastic item
brought to you by,introduced to you by,initiated by

Search Items from Amazon

Searching from Amazon within this plugin is as easy as searching from the Amazon site itself. Simply choose a keyword/title, minimum price, maximum price, Item Condition, Site and Category. Based on your site selection, Category will change. We support the following Amazon sites US, UK, MX, JP, IT, IN, FR, ES, DE, CN, CA, BR

If there is any result found on search you can import it or save as draft in woocommerce. First choose a woocommerce category where the item should be saved then click on Import or Save as draft button for this. Due to Amazon API limits, we can only show you 10 items at a time. However our script discards any item if there is no offers for the item or an error occurred fetching images. So displayed item count may be less than 10 per page.

When searching with api you must follow some rules so that the search parameters combination is valid. Please follow amazon api documentation if needed http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSECommerceService/latest/DG/ItemSearch.html

You can also bulk import or draft all the items fetched on search, for this simply select a woocommerce category first, then choose Import or Save as draft from bulk actions menu and click apply.

Import from ASIN EAN or UPC ID

You can import items by ASIN/EAN/UPC from Amazon. Only one type of ID can be looked up at a time and maximum 10 id allowed in one go. Choose your preferred Amazon site and item condition to get the matching offer and price.

Automatic Item fetch

This plugin can automatically search and fetch items based on your defined search parameters. You can set all the search parameters and options to publish or draft fetched items. Item fetch interval can be chosen as every 3 hours/6 hours/12 hours/24 hours or 2 days/1 week/2 weeks/1 month. Note that automatic item fetch depends on wordpress cron. Read the limitations of wordpress cron here https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_schedule_event

Before scheduling an item fetch, please make an item search from Search Items page of this plugin menu to see if your search query returns expected results or not.

Note: Only first page of Amazon search results are scraped in scheduled fetch as new items usually appear at first page